About Us

Founded in 2021 by Geo, Mario and the three doggos, Melvin, Truffle and Alma, and backed by no other than Mister SC from the North Pole himself, Joyinit Christmas Shop is our dream that became reality. 

We run Joyinit from our HQ in Kent, UK where we live alongside our 3 fluffy helpers. We believe that Christmas Ornaments should release the inner child within us, the one that we often forget about, the one that believes in magic and in miracles. 

When sleigh bells ring, we'll be listening!

After trying to find for our own collection those whimsical Candyland decorations from America and famous European designers like Goodwill Belgium and with no success, we realised that UK market needs all those goodies. 

The Solution? We opened our very own Sweets Shop for Christmas.

*no sugars involved*

When Geo  first started, she made a list, Checked it Twice!!! and with a huge love in her heart and elvish intuition, tracked down the most beautiful Candies, Lollipops, Cupcakes, Gingerbreads and Candy Canes Christmas Tree Decorations from all over the world, all baked under Mrs Claus supervision. 

You can explore them all in our Christmas Shop and join our wonderful community of Christmas Lovers on Instagram.

We are very proud to be on Santa Claus' approved suppliers.

Christmas is all about sharing and we hope that our little shop brings you as much joy as creating it has brought us. It's in this spirit that we will be donating a proportion of our profits to rescued dogs as thanks to our 3 Little Helpers and Dogs like them everywhere. 

Geo, Mario and the three doggos 

Ho, Ho, Ho